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** Corolla is Australia's top-selling new car **

Toyota's Corolla is the nation's best-selling car for the second year in a row.

Official figures released today show Toyota retailed 203,501 vehicles in 2014 to lead the industry by a substantial margin - well over 97,000 sales ahead of its nearest competitor.

Toyota's strong result led the Australian automotive industry to a third consecutive year of new-vehicle sales above 1.11 million and the second-highest total on record.

It is the 12th year in a row and the 18th time overall that Toyota has achieved the highest level of sales in the Australian new-vehicle market.

Last year also marks the 10th time Toyota dealers have delivered more than 200,000 new vehicles to local motorists in a calendar year.

Toyota's December total of 19,015 vehicles delivered to customers was substantially higher than the combined totals of its nearest two competitors.

The company's executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said economic conditions and new-model launches were forecast to support similar results for the industry and for Toyota in the coming year.

"Toyota will release at least 10 new or refreshed models in the space of just one year, starting next month," Mr Cramb said.

"The boldest Camry ever - to be launched in the second quarter of 2015 - is the tip of the iceberg in what is shaping up as one of Toyota's busiest years ever," he said.

"Increased supply of RAV4, Kluger and Prado will provide Toyota customers with another welcome boost in the booming SUV market."

Toyota's 2014 sales tally of 203,501 vehicles translated into a market share of 18.3 per cent; no other company's share reached double figures.

Corolla claimed back-to-back titles as the nation's best-selling vehicle with sales of 43,735 sedans and hatches - an increase of 0.5 per cent on the previous year and a victory margin of 422 vehicles.

Toyota was the best-selling brand in every state and territory. It was the only company to have three vehicles among the top 10 sellers nationally with HiLux (3rd) and Camry (8th) joining Corolla in first place.

HiLux recorded its 10th consecutive year as the best-selling four-wheel-drive vehicle while its total sales in Australia passed 800,000 since it was introduced in 1971.

Camry marked its 21st year straight as Australia's best-selling mid-size car with its segment share rising to 44.5 per cent. It also notched up a cumulative local sales tally of 850,000 cars.

Toyota was the top-selling brand in the three sectors that define the market - selling 92,132 passenger cars, 56,663 SUVs and 54,706 light-commercial vehicles. It was Toyota's 36th year in succession as market leader in commercial-vehicle sales.

Record demand for RAV4 (up 6.9 per cent to 18,160) and a gain of 10.6 per cent for Prado (16,112) contributed to the industry's highest-ever SUV sales of 352,347 - the first time SUVs have accounted for more than 30 per cent of the total market.

The Toyota 86 was Australia's best-selling sports car, bringing to eight the number of Toyota vehicles that led their individual market segments in 2014. The others were Corolla, Camry, LandCruiser 200, HiLux 4x2, HiLux 4x4, HiAce bus and HiAce van.


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Market leader for the 12th consecutive year and 18th time overall
Industry-leading sales of 203,501 vehicles
10th year of sales above 200,000 vehicles
More than 97,400 sales ahead of nearest rival
Market share of 18.3 per cent (only company in double figures)
Three of the top 10 sellers - Corolla, HiLux, Camry
Best-selling brand in every state and territory
Market leader in eight segments - small cars, medium cars, sports cars, upper-large SUVs, light buses, light vans, 4x2 and 4x4 pick-up/cab-chassis
Daily deliveries of 557 vehicles (average)
Market leader in passenger cars: 92,132 sales
Market leader in SUVs: 56,663 sales
Market leader in light-commercial vehicles: 54,706 sales
Commercial-vehicle leadership for 36 years in a row


Corolla - Australia's best-selling car
Corolla - 43,735 sales, up 0.5 per cent
Camry - 21 years in a row as Australia's best-selling mid-size car
Camry - 22,044 sales and segment share of 44.5 per cent (up from 42.7 per cent)
Camry Hybrid - Australia's best-selling hybrid vehicle (5,286 sales)
86 - Australia's best-selling sports car with 4,257 sales
RAV4 - Record sales of 18,160 sales, up 6.9 per cent
LandCruiser Prado - Sales up 10.6 per cent to 16,112 sales
LandCruiser wagon - Australia's best-selling upper-large SUV (perennial winner)
LandCruiser wagon - Market share increase to 83 per cent (from 79.8 per cent)
HiLux - Third best-selling new vehicle in Australia (38,126 sales)
HiLux - Australia's best-selling ute, 4WD and light-commercial vehicle
HiAce - Australia's best-selling van (6,432 sales)
HiAce - Australia's best-selling bus with 2,615 sales, up 19.2 per cent


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Toyota's Corolla has reinforced its place in Australian automotive history by claiming back-to-back titles as the nation's best-selling car.

Local motorists bought 43,735 Corolla sedans and hatches in 2014, giving the world's most popular car a margin of 422 sales over its nearest rival.

The latest victory for Corolla builds on its 2013 success when it became the first Toyota to achieve the top ranking on the local sales chart.

In 2014, Corolla recorded the industry's highest monthly sales seven times, including a run of six consecutive months at the top from March to August.

Its June tally of 4,648 cars delivered to customers by Toyota dealers was the highest monthly result achieved by any vehicle throughout the year.

Corolla teamed with HiLux - Australia's best-selling ute and four-wheel drive - to score the sales "double" as the two best-selling vehicles in the country on three occasions - May, June and October.

Corolla was Toyota's best-selling vehicle in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. HiLux was the best-selling vehicle in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said Corolla has been popular with Australian buyers throughout its 11 generations, selling almost 1.3 million cars in 48 years.

"Corolla's ability to move with the times and meet the changing needs of Australian drivers and their families is one of the fundamental reasons that Toyota is the long-term market leader in this country," Mr Cramb said.

"Corolla's success is underpinned by strong resale values that, combined with the car's renowned quality, style, fuel-efficiency and reliability, also make it a popular choice on the second-hand car market," he said.

Australia has figured prominently in the history of Corolla.

In November 1966, just one month after Corolla debuted in Japan, Australia was the first country to receive Corolla exports with 15 cars being shipped from Japan. They went on sale the following year.

Corolla's sales have grown from strength to strength during almost half a century on the shopping lists of Australian motorists.

Annual sales topped 20,000 for the first time in 1975, broke through the 30,000 mark in 2000 and topped the 40,000 milestone in 2005.

In the past 10 years Toyota Australia has delivered an average of more than 43,000 Corolla sedans and hatches a year.

Corolla became the world's best-selling nameplate in 1997 when cumulative global sales exceeded 22.656 million units. The total has now grown to more than 41 million cars.

During its entire production run, a Corolla has been sold somewhere in the world approximately every 37 seconds.


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Toyota's locally built Camry has "come of age" by recording its 21st year in a row as the best-selling mid-size car in Australia.

The 21st anniversary has been confirmed by official sales figures that show Toyota dealers retailed 22,044 Camry sedans in 2014 - more than three times higher than its nearest competitor.

Camry lifted its market share by almost two percentage points to 44.5 per cent of its segment, resulting in a victory margin of more than 16,000 sales.

During its 21-year reign as Australia's best-selling mid-size car, the four-cylinder Camry has averaged more than 22,000 sales per year.

Camry's record in Australia is complemented by its success in the United States where it has worn the crown of "best-selling car in America" for 13 consecutive years, and 17 of the past 18.

Toyota Australia's executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the Camry lineage, now in its seventh generation, had become ingrained in the local automotive culture and the buying habits of Australian motorists.

"Toyota plans to honour the proud local history of this global car by continually developing its technology and features so that Camry remains one of Australia's favourite cars for many years to come," Mr Cramb said.

The first Camry was launched in 1983 and it has been built in Australia since 1987, reaching the top of its segment on the local market in 1994 - a position it has held ever since.

Popular with families and business customers, Camry offers the choice of petrol or petrol-electric hybrid drivetrains. Toyota is the only volume manufacturer to build a hybrid car in Australia.

Camry's cumulative sales in Australia now exceed 855,000 cars, including 645,000 four-cylinder petrol versions, 180,000 V6 models and 30,000 petrol-electric hybrids.

Australia was the first country outside Japan to produce Toyota cars, starting with the Tiara in 1963.

Since then, Toyota's Australian workforce has built well over three million cars - more than two million for the domestic market and 1.1 million cars for overseas customers.


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Toyota's HiLux has completed a decade as Australia's best-selling four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle with a strong industry-leading performance in 2014.

The tough workhorse has also completed 17 consecutive years as the country's most prolific seller among all commercial vehicles.

Toyota customers bought 38,126 HiLux 2WD and 4WD vehicles last year, making HiLux the third biggest-selling vehicle across the entire local market.

HiLux beat its nearest commercial-vehicle rival by more than 11,000 sales for the year and posted its 10th consecutive year of sales above 30,000 vehicles.

In 4WD guise, it achieved 27,319 sales - a margin of more than 6,600 over its nearest competitor and the ninth straight year HiLux 4x4 has topped the 20,000 mark.

In its 2WD segment, HiLux accounted for more than one-quarter of all sales, lifting its tally by 2.1 per cent to 10,807 vehicles or more than 4,800 deliveries ahead of its closest rival.

HiLux began its run as Australia's best-selling 4WD in 2005 and has been the top-selling commercial vehicle since 1998.

It has topped Australia's monthly sales charts on 13 occasions - the only vehicle of its type to have achieved that distinction.

HiLux sales results were supported by the introduction of updates that resulted in the maximum five-star ANCAP safety rating for all 4WD HiLux variants.

In September, Toyota expanded the range with a new variant, a 4WD SR Double Cab that combines the cab-chassis body style for the first time in this grade with a turbo-diesel engine and automatic transmission.

The variant was specially developed for the mining sector and for small to medium-size businesspeople such as plumbers, electricians and building industry contractors.

In October, Toyota unveiled a special-edition HiLux Black model decked out with a range of exterior and interior treatments presented in black to enhance the vehicle's toughness and appeal.


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Toyota was the top-selling brand in the three sectors that define the new-vehicle market - selling more passenger cars, more SUVs and more light-commercial vehicles than any other brand.

The company's market-leading full-year sales of 203,501 vehicles comprised 92,132 passenger cars, 56,663 SUVs and 54,706 light-commercial vehicles.

Toyota sold 29.4 per cent more passenger cars than any other brand - a lead of more than 20,000 vehicles for the year.

In the SUV sector, Toyota outsold its nearest competitor by more than 22,000 vehicles, resulting in a winning margin of 67.9 per cent.

Toyota's lead in the light-commercial vehicle market was even stronger at more than 24,000 vehicles - and sales that were higher than the combined totals of its closest two rivals.

Toyota's market-leading passenger-car tally was headed by Australia's best-selling car, Corolla, with 43,735 sales. Its 2014 sales benefited from the launch of the latest-generation sedan early in the year.

Camry marked its 21st straight year as Australia's best-selling mid-size car with 22,044 sales, including both petrol and hybrid variants.

Yaris, which received a significant update in the second half of the year, recorded 12,779 sales. Since the nameplate arrived in Australia in late 2005, Toyota dealers have retailed more than 190,000 Yaris cars.

The four-seat 86 coupe was again Australia's best-selling sports car with 4,257 new customers, bringing its Australian total to more than 13,000 cars - the third-highest 86 sales in the world.

Toyota sold more hybrid cars than any other company - a total of 8,149 including 5,286 Camry Hybrid sedans and 2,863 Prius "family" cars - Prius hatch, Prius c and Prius v. Cumulative sales in Australia of Toyota-badged hybrid cars have now passed 57,500 vehicles.

In SUVs, Toyota led the sector to an all-time high of 352,347 sales with strong results from its "awesome foursome" - RAV4, Kluger, Prado and LandCruiser wagon.

Record demand for RAV4 (up 6.9 per cent to 18,160) and a gain of 10.6 per cent for Prado (16,112) were notable as SUVs accounted for more than 30 per cent of the total market for the first time (31.7 per cent).

Kluger, with the changeover to a new model now being sourced from the United States, contributed 11,484 sales while LandCruiser wagon lifted its segment share to 83 per cent from 79.8 per cent.

In commercial-vehicle sales, Toyota marked its 36th year in succession as market leader with HiLux, HiAce van and bus, LandCruiser 70 workhorses and Coaster bus.

The long-lived popularity of HiLux was responsible for more than two-thirds of Toyota's sales of light-commercial vehicles (LCVs). It was also a significant factor in total Australian sales of LCVs reaching 197,956.

HiAce van again topped 6,400 sales to be the country's best-selling commercial van with a segment share of 40.5 per cent. HiAce also led the nation's bus sales with an increase of 19.2 per cent to 2,615 vehicles.


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Toyota Australia executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb with Australia's best-selling car of 2014, Toyota Corolla.
Toyota's market-leading range in Australia
2014 Toyota Corolla ZR hatch and sedan
2014 Toyota Corolla ZR sedan and hatch
2014 Toyota Corolla ZR sedan
2014 Toyota Corolla ZR hatch
2014 Toyota Corolla ZR sedan (right), HiLux SR5 double cab (left) and Camry Atara SX
2014 Toyota Camry Atara SX
2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid HL
2014 Toyota HiLux SR5 double cab
2014 Toyota Rav4 Cruiser
Toyota's market-leading hybrid range (clockwise) - Camry, Prius v, Prius and Prius c
2014 Toyota 86 GTS and GT
Toyota 2014 Sales Results VNR
Australian Motor Vehicle Industry Sales Results 2014 VNR