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1999 LEXUS IS200



Lexus has launched a new two-litre sports sedan.

The new front-engine/rear drive four-door Lexus IS200 has class-leading performance and benchmark levels of handling.

It has the hallmark Lexus features of optimum comfort, high specification and feature levels as standard equipment, and low NVH.

Lexus IS200 has the most advanced engine in its class - a two-litre straight six with intelligent variable valve timing and acoustic variable-length induction tracts.

Intelligent variable valve timing (VVTi) helps the new engine deliver more than 80 percent of peak torque at just 1500rpm, while improving fuel economy and emission performance.

The acoustic controlled induction system boosts torque by 3.5 percent at 2400rpm.

The new Lexus engine drives through a Lexus-first six-speed manual gearbox or a four speed intelligent adaptive electronically controlled automatic.

The Lexus IS200 design combines light weight with an exceptionally strong chassis, to optimise road holding and response.

It is the first Lexus model which will not be sold from launch in the United States.

The new vehicle was designed in Japan, with major input from Lexus in Europe and an extensive European test program.

Prototype testing included the famed 22 kilometre Nurburgring Nordschleife, as well as German autobahns and twisting secondary roads in the south of France.

Two prototype evaluations were conducted in Australia.

The chief engineer of IS200, Mr Nobuaki Katayama was formerly an executive of Toyota’s motor sports department.

He values Australian roads for the feedback they provide to suspension development.

Lexus IS200 has reset benchmarks for body rigidity in a Lexus vehicle. Active safety equipment includes ABS anti-skid brakes with an Australian- developed gravel road strategy, traction control and a snow mode for throttle control in poor traction conditions.

Lexus designed the new IS200 to meet the world’s toughest safety crash-test standards.

The vehicle’s benchmark Lexus passive safety package includes a strong central safety cell, collision-absorbing structures front and rear, a side collision impact-absorbing structure, electronically-controlled dual airbag SRS, force- limiting front seatbelt pretensioners, seat-mounted side airbags, four-way collapsible energy absorbing steering column, three rear-seat lap-sash ELR type seatbelts and three rear-seat head restraints.

Standard equipment in Lexus IS200 includes an underfloor aerodynamic kit, alloy wheels, metallic gear knob, premium-quality eight-speaker sound system with 6- disc in-dash CD, climate-control air conditioning, power windows and mirrors, and state-of-the-art vehicle protection system with engine immobiliser, radar intrusion sensor and a self-powered siren.

Two Lexus IS200 models will be offered - IS200 and IS200 Luxury Option. The Luxury Option provides additional sports and comfort equipment.

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Lexus IS200 has two transmissions and two equipment grades.

It is offered with the choice of six-speed manual and four-speed intelligent efficient automatic transmission.

Both Lexus IS200 models have as standard equipment an underfloor aerodynamic kit, alloy wheels, dual airbag SRS, force-limiting front seatbelt pretensioners, side airbags, ABS anti-skid brakes, traction control, snow mode, eight-speaker sound system with 6-disc in-dash CD, climate-control air conditioning, power windows and mirrors, and alarm system with immobiliser.

There are seven exterior colours.

A power tilt and slide moonroof is optional on all models.

The IS200 Luxury Option provides additional sports and comfort equipment.

It includes 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/45ZR17 tyres, the choice of black or ivory leather/Alcantara seat facings, power-adjustable driver’s seat, front seat heaters, drilled alloy pedals and front scuff plates, two-tone leather steering wheel, and dark privacy glass on the rear and rear side windows. Luxury Option also includes sports suspension and torque-sensing limited slip differential on the manual model, and a leather gear-shift knob on the automatic model.

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The purpose built Lexus IS200 has the ability to double demand for Lexus in Australia.

The high performance, athlete-sedan is expected to account for an additional 2000 deliveries in its first full year of availability.

Lexus Australia - the country’s most successful start-up franchise of the 90s - will almost double dealership outlets to meet the demand.

~The IS200 is as important to the Lexus franchise as the original LS400 was at launch,~ Lexus Australia senior executive vice-president John Conomos said.

~The values which have become synonymous with Lexus will now become available to a vibrant young market - and one that will stay with us for life.~

A process of mass customisation has allowed the IS200 to be purpose-built for several potential markets.

It can be a highly responsive sports-sedan with the ability to return substantial satisfaction to its driver.

It can also be specified as a stylish personalised sedan.

The IS200 is regarded as a breakthrough in design process within its manufacturing base.

Chief designer Nobuaki Katayama was given substantial freedom in choosing and meeting the design brief.

The result is a vehicle platform regarded as the stiffest and most responsive yet produced by the corporation.

The IS200 is a clean sheet design, largely unencumbered by heredity.

It is as pure in its design parameters as the original LS400 and it is intended to establish its own standards in the sports-sedan category.

Like LS400 at launch it is expected to immediately challenge existing protagonists in function, style and price.

~The IS200 is the natural first step for entry into the Lexus family,~ Mr Conomos said.

~Lexus is successful on two counts - the quality of its cars and its customer- care.

~The benefits of Lexus’ Encore program are well understood by the luxury market and will be fully available to IS200 owners.

~That is a significant position to take in a luxury market in which two standards often apply, invariably to the exclusion of those purchasing the lower priced vehicle.

~Lexus will make no such exclusions.

~ The IS200 is a true entry level vehicle which will create converts and disciples within the Lexus Encore program.

~Once experienced, the Lexus Encore program is difficult to refuse.~

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Lexus and its burgeoning dealer force will spend more than $30 million establishing a comprehensive network of 25 outlets across Australia.

The current 12-strong dealer network will rise to 20 by year’s end and to 25 during 2000.

Hobart, Townsville, Rockhampton, Wyndham and Newcastle are among sites to be specially developed for Lexus franchises.

Lexus deliveries are expected to rise from 1,876 in 1998 to more than 4,200 by the end of 2000.

Lexus deliveries last year rose more than 50 percent on the strength of demand for current models and the new GS300 and LX470.

The company has revised its long-term business plan upwards by 12 percent in recognition of growing consumer commitment to Lexus.

~It has been an exceptional first decade,~ Lexus senior executive vice- president John Conomos said.

~Lexus has been the start-up success of the luxury industry as a whole, not just of the motor industry.

~It has established levels of customer loyalty, and therefore of repeat business, which are frankly beyond the expectation of marketing strategists.

~Part of Lexus’ success has been to strictly adhere to standards of supply, service and customer-care through an extremely tight network of outlets.

~The inaugural dealerships which invested heavily are now reaping the rewards of their faith.~

Lexus started in Australia in 1990 with five dealerships.

It has expanded cautiously according to demand.

Last year its dealerships achieved an average of more than 200 new vehicle deliveries per franchise, the second highest in the luxury industry.

Concentration on developing a market-leading used vehicle sales program will further strengthen the franchise.

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The Lexus IS200 comes to market 32 percent less expensive, and with greater specification than its principal competitor.

It is 20 percent more cost-efficient than another German competitor and almost five percent beneath the turbocharged four cylinder version of yet another European rival.

The IS200 will come to market at $51,900 in its six speed manual transmission form.

The four speed automatic will carry a recommended retail price of $53,900.

Lexus IS200 Luxury Option adds a range of sports and luxury items, including 17 inch alloy wheels with premium-performance tyres, sports alloy pedals and leather/Alcantara seat trim.

It will start from $58,100.

The exceptional pricing challenge mirrors that of the original Lexus LS400 when it was launched at prices which rewrote value-for-money perception in the upper luxury market.

~Like LS400, IS200 has achieved its pricing position on the basis of engineering and manufacturing genius,~ Lexus senior executive vice-president John Conomos said.

~It has rewritten the rule book on how a sports-sedan should be built and for what price.~

Mr Conomos said the highly visible advantage to Lexus owners was the Lexus Encore program, which applied to every new IS200.

~It is a fact of life that many of the competitors in this field sell only the car, and perhaps the cachet of a badge,~ he said.

~The IS200 is dynamically competitive, its badge carries substantial prestige, and it is fully integrated into a customer care program which most upper-luxury marques cannot match.~

IS200 Recommended Retail Price List

Lexus IS200
Manual $51,900
Auto $53,900

Luxury Option
Manual $58,100
Auto $59,400

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The Bee Gees will help launch Lexus IS200 in their only Australian concert in late March.

Prestigious magazine GQ has been offering one of the first IS200s in a circulation drive competition.

Friends and Ally McBeal will carry IS200 advertising as will Inside Sport and Ski Extra.

Highly regarded fashion designer Alex Perry will launch his 1999 winter collection at a prime IS200 event.

Hot cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs will be part of major IS200 promotions.

Up to 12 high profile Australians will become long term testers of IS200s.

And three times Australian rally champion Neal Bates will give IS200 its world competition debut in the 1999 Targa Tasmania.

If you are thirty-something, a career person earning $70,000 plus, working 55-70 hours a week and capable of playing just as hard, a Lexus IS200 could be your next car.

It could be also if you are an affluent, fashion conscious woman with kids who are at school or who have left home.

One of the most extensive pre-launch research programs ever undertaken by Lexus has identified the IS200 buyer and how to reach him or her.

The two groups have a lot in common.

They are time poor - and therefore appreciate the Lexus Encore program’s home pick up and loan vehicle service program.

They are knowledgable, intelligent, early adopters who are into brands and who play sport or go to the gym either as a means of cleansing the system or preserving their youth.

The skiers amongst them will appreciate IS200’s sports bag which allows skis and snowboards to be stored through the boot and into the passenger compartment in their own protective sheath.

~IS200 will make a significant impact at launch,~ Lexus senior executive vice- president John Conomos said.

~Australia is at the forefront of its international roll out.

~We will launch ahead of Europe and several months ahead of the USA.

~Initially it was thought that the brand Lexus stood for Luxury Export to the US.

~In this instance it has become a luxury import to us.~

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The Lexus IS200 is expected to claim up to 12 percent of the lower luxury market segment.V It will compete with four cylinder vehicles costing from around $43,000 - but with the advantage of far greater specification.

Its highly sophisticated two litre straight six engine, combined with features such as side airbags and a remarkable in-dash six stack CD player, provide a strong value for money proposition.

Lexus IS200 is the least expensive six cylinder option in the category.

IS200 will compete with vehicles costing well into the $70,000 bracket.

~From a strictly logical pricing viewpoint IS200 provides a natural progression to the Lexus ES300 at $62,520 and the Lexus GS300 at $90,800,~ Lexus senior executive vice-president John Conomos said.

~However IS200, like GS300, is a vehicle which evokes passion and which therefore tends to play outside its division.

~The IS200 will appeal to people who may only have been considering a medium sub-luxury sports sedan of $39,000 or who were giving thought to another of $85,000.~

Mr Conomos said the new IS200 and the Quad Cam V6 Lexus ES300 would be largely complementary.

Customer requirements of the two vehicles had proven through research to be significantly different.

Lexus ES300 is the marque’s largest selling model with 747 deliveries in 1998 - 100 ahead of GS300.

Lexus IS200 enjoys a $9000 price advantage over the entry level ES300S and $17,000 over the volume-selling ES300LSX.

~In effect Lexus now has a model competing in each of the lower, medium, upper and prestige luxury segments,~ Mr Conomos said.

~The lower luxury segment in which IS200 is positioned by price comprises around half of last year’s total luxury market of 33,000 vehicles.

~The opportunities to succeed with a value-for-money package such as IS200 are substantial.~

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The new Lexus IS200 has the largest range of accessories ever developed for a Lexus model.

The range of four accessory kits and over 30 individually available accessory items reflects the vehicle’s target market, the expected higher volume sales of the IS200 and the suitability of the model for customised equipment.

The Lexus IS200 accessory range has been sourced from Europe, Japan and Australia.

It has a balance of utilitarian and appearance-enhancing features, ranging from a boot liner and roof rack, to three aerodynamic body kits.

There are two choices of accessory 17~ alloy wheel.

T-CAM (Toyota Conversions, Accessories and Motorsport) engineers have evaluated all IS200 accessories for compliance with the relevant Australian Design Rules.

Special high-speed tests were conducted with the aerodynamic kits at Anglesea Proving Ground in Victoria.

There are four dealer-fit Lexus IS200 kits.

The Legana Body Kit consists of an aggressive aerodynamic replacement moulded front bumper with integrated foglamps, a mesh sports radiator grille, black chrome sports headlamps, side skirts, rear skirt and high-level rear spoiler.

The high-level rear spoiler allows a clear view of IS200’s rear-window mounted centre high mounted stop lamp.

The Touring Sports Spoiler Kit consists of a front air dam extension (skirt) and the high rear spoiler.*

The more subtle Executive Body Kit consists of the front skirt and low-level rear spoiler.

In addition, there is the Carbon-Fibre kit, which consists of a genuine carbon- fibre sports steering wheel and carbon-fibre look exterior mirror covers.

Two accessory aluminium alloy wheels are offered, both 17 x 7 inch - a five- spoke original equipment wheel from Japan and a pressure die-cast multi-spoke OZ Racing wheel from Italy.

In addition, the Lexus IS200 accessory range includes:

• individual items from the Body kits*

• European-sourced forged tow-bar with quick-release hitch

• tow-bar wiring

• high quality Lexus roof racks with a full range of attachments

• acrylic headlamp covers

• moulded, textured and Lexus-embossed boot liner from Europe

• mud flaps

• rear parking proximity sensors

• sports alloy pedals and front scuff plates

• carbon-fibre steering wheel

• and a stretch nylon luggage net for the boot.

Lexus IS200’s standard load-through boot access hatch can be equipped with a high strength woven ski port bag.

The ski port bag is secured inside the car by its own tie-downs.

Lexus attention to detail has seen the bag crash tested to ensure it remains in place in an accident.

*Lexus Australia recommends the high spoiler be paired with either the aero bumper or front skirt, to ensure excellent high-speed stability.

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The chief engineer of Lexus IS200 has a strong motorsport background, as a competitor and project manager.

Nobuaki Katayama has competed in rallies and still drives karts.

He spent five years in Europe with Toyota’s Motorsports Division, with responsibility for world rally championship, sports car world championship and Le Mans activity.

Since 1994, Mr Katayama has been chief engineer for Supra, SC300/SC400 and now IS200.

He was the driving force who took IS200 from concept to reality.

The two-litre Lexus can be viewed as a reflection of his personality and interests.

A motorsports enthusiast from his university days, Mr Katayama joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1970.

He worked in manual transmission design, before joining the motorsport division in 1989.

After hours, he drove his own cars fast, often tail-out.

Mr Katayama’s design objectives for Lexus IS200 were:

• Pricing for volume sales, to compete in the largest segment of the luxury market and to allow Lexus to expand its dealer network by targeting new, younger buyers.

• To build a Lexus, with Lexus standards of quality and technology, while offering driving enjoyment and performance, and space efficiency.

• To provide excitement: in exterior and interior styling, allied with Lexus customer service and safety.

Mr Katayama chose a front engine/rear drive design with short overhangs and a low polar moment of inertia to ensure premium handling.

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Lexus IS200 was styled in Japan as a compact, aggressively sporty sedan.

It has a future-trend design of long wheelbase and short overhangs, to maximise interior package efficiency and handling.

Its coefficient of drag is 0.28.

The front styling is muscular, with wide front guards and flared wheel arches, and a bonnet bulge above the engine.

Round wave-reflector headlamps give a light-within-light appearance.

The radiator grille has titanium-like plating.

IS200’s side profile has a wedge shape, enhanced by the relationship of wheelbase to overhangs.

A subtle, unique crease line from front to rear enhances the aerodynamic look.

Sporty rear styling cues include a large exhaust outlet, the wide tyres and light-within-light rear lamps.

The rear foglamps are built into the boot lid - a Lexus styling feature first seen on the GS300 sports sedan.

Additional exterior features include 16~ alloy wheels with 55 aspect ratio tyres and roof-mounted radio antenna.

The Lexus IS200 Luxury Option has 17-inch alloy wheels with 45 aspect ratio tyres, and dark privacy glass on the rear window and rear door windows.

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The new Lexus IS200 has a unique sports interior, with chronograph-style instruments.

The IS200 dashboard is a two-tone design, with a metallic colour highlight running across the centre of the crash pad and circular vents.

There are chrome highlights on the gearshift, air vents, door handles and hand- brake lever button.

IS200 has a leather steering wheel with perforated leather inserts, and black Chenille fabric seat trim with metal-fibre highlights.

Rotary type heater/air conditioning controls are used.

Additional features include a lockable glovebox, an upper console storage tray, and centre console storage bin and cup holders.

The chronograph style combination meter includes speedometer, tachometer, instantaneous fuel consumption meter, fuel level gauge, coolant temperature gauge, voltage meter and A/T shift indicator.

Climate-control air conditioning and eight-speaker premium-grade audio are standard equipment.

The audio unit has a six-disc in-dash CD changer.

The windows, door mirrors and door locks are power operated.

Lexus IS200’s slim-line sports front seats have side airbags.

The front seats are designed to reduce whiplash injury, through careful placement of the seat upper section and the head restraint.

The driver’s seat is eight-way adjustable and the front passenger’s seat has four-way adjustment.

IS200’s rear seat has three separate head restraints and three lap-sash seatbelts.

The front head restraints are four-way adjustable and there is two-way adjustment on all three rear head restraints.

The rear seat includes a load-through access for long items and sports equipment such as skis and snowboards.

Luxury Option:

The IS200 Luxury Option has additional sports, comfort and convenience features.

It includes the choice of black or ivory leather/Alcantara seat trim.

Alcantara is an attractive suede-like fabric.

The driver’s seat is power operated and both front seats are heated.

In addition, the Luxury Option has sports alloy front scuff plates and pedals, a sports steering wheel with metallic-coloured sections, rear side window and rear window privacy glass, and a leather shift knob (A/T model).

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The new Lexus IS200 makes maximum use of interior space within its overall dimensions.

It offers front-drive configuration space levels in a front engine/rear drive package.

The Lexus IS200 makes efficient use of space, with a relatively long wheelbase and short overhangs.

Lexus designers have optimised cabin space and boot capacity, by positioning the fuel tank under the rear seat and developing a highly package efficient multi- link rear suspension system for the vehicle.

The fuel tank location also contributes to a low polar moment of inertia.

Lexus IS200 has an interior length of 1890mm, within a 2670mm wheelbase and 4400mm overall length.

Interior width is 1440mm, in a vehicle with state-of-the-art dynamic side impact protection.

IS200 has 400 litres of boot capacity (measured by the VDA method) and ~trunk- through~ access for recreational equipment.

An accessory sports gear bag can hold four snow skis or two snowboards.

It can also accommodate fishing rods or other long objects.

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Optimum handling and ride quality were top priorities for the Lexus IS200 design team.

The vehicle has a low polar moment of inertia and high levels of mechanical grip.

Lexus engineers have rated the Lexus IS200 as the best handling production sedan the corporation has ever produced.

Moreover, it has a comfortable ride not normally associated with taut handling vehicles running low-profile tyres.

Lexus IS200 was extensively tested in Japan, Australia and Europe, including the famous 22km Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit.

The IS200 designers built the car with an extremely stiff body and concentrated weight towards the centre of the vehicle.

It has a 2670mm wheelbase, and short overhangs front and rear.

The engine and battery have been positioned as close as possible to the firewall, while the fuel tank is set under the rear seat (straddling the propeller shaft).

IS200’s suspension layout has been proved on the acclaimed Lexus GS300 sports sedan.

It was designed to provide optimum stability and grip, and flat-ride comfort.

Front suspension is by double wishbone, controlled by coil springs and two-stage gas-filled dampers.

The independent suspension rear hardware was designed for optimum grip and ride comfort, coupled with high package efficiency.

Space saved with the GS300-type rear suspension system contributes to IS200’s boot capacity of 400 litres.

IS200’s rear suspension is a double wishbone, true multi-link system with a toe control arm for improved rear wheel directional stability under hard braking.

When side force is applied to the rear suspension, it gives a small measure of toe-in to promote passive rear wheel steer.

Suspension rigidity and body isolation have been optimised by adopting a strong tubular cross member.

The coil springs are mounted at the lower end of the damper bodies, to further optimise suspension rigidity.

Features of the suspension hardware also include large rubber mounting cushions, to minimise NVH transmission to the body.

Lexus engineers, working with test engineers from the Australian Representative Office based at Port Melbourne, have developed suspension calibration and tyre selection to suit Australian road conditions and driving taste.

Australian Lexus IS200 has 16 inch x 6.5 inch alloy wheels and 205/55R16 V-speed rated Bridgestone RE030 tyres.

The IS200 Luxury Option model has machine-finished 17 inch x 7 inch alloy wheels and 215/45 17R Z-speed rated Bridgestone RE040 tyres.

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The comprehensive active safety on the new Lexus IS200 combines high levels of mechanical grip with advanced driver aids.

Standard equipment includes ABS anti-skid brakes with an Australian-developed gravel road strategy, traction control and a snow mode for throttle control in poor traction conditions.

Lexus IS200 has a brake package proven on the GS300 sports sedan.

The front brake hardware for the IS200 is 296mm by 32mm ventilated discs with twin-piston, floating calipers.

The rear brakes are 307mm by 12mm solid rear discs with single opposed piston calipers.

Lexus IS200 has, as standard equipment:

• four-wheel double wishbone independent suspension, multi-link at the rear

• V-speed rated 55 aspect ratio high-performance tyres

• height-adjustable wave-reflector headlamps

• front and rear fog lamps

• engine-speed sensitive power-assisted rack and pinion steering

• a large windscreen area

• convex left-hand exterior mirror

• centre high-mount stop lamp

• heated rear window and exterior mirrors

• variable intermittent wipers with mist function

• automatic transmission shift lock with override

• and reverse-gear audible warning (manual transmission only)

The Lexus IS200 Luxury Option model has 17-inch 45 profile Z-speed rated high- performance tyres.

Luxury Option manual models additionally have sports suspension and a torque- sensing limited slip differential.

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The new Lexus IS200 sedan has the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in its class.

The two-litre straight six is also the most advanced engine in its class.

It is the first two-litre luxury sedan engine in Australia with intelligent, infinitely variable valve timing (VVTi).

The 1988cm3 Twin Cam Multi-valve Lexus engine also has a 2-stage acoustic- controlled variable-length induction system (ACIS), which boosts low-to-mid- range torque.

It is the first Lexus six-cylinder engine to feature both VVTi and ACIS.

Advanced Lexus features also include fully sequential fuel injection, an intelligent electronic throttle with snow mode, direct ignition, a knock control system and multiplex diagnostics.

The Lexus 1G-FE engine has a balance of city driveability, sports performance and low emissions.

It was designed to meet European Step III Exhaust Gas Emission standards - seven years in advance of this Standard’s introduction in Australia - but has been modified to suit Australian low quality unleaded petrol.

The 1988cm3 1G-FE engine delivers 114kW (ECE) at 6200 rpm and 195Nm of torque at 4600pm.

The adoption of intelligent variable valve timing (VVTi) helps the new engine deliver nearly 80 percent of peak torque at just 1500rpm.

Lexus VVTi can vary the 1G-FE engine’s inlet camshaft timing over a range of 47 degrees.

The maximum advance setting provides 47 degrees of valve overlap.

The 1G-FE engine has square bore and stroke dimensions of 75mm x 75mm, for a balance of power and torque.

It has a compression ratio of 10.0:1 and can operate on regular unleaded petrol.

Lexus technology features include a Formula One type drive-by-wire electronic throttle, with a back-up mode (cable and return spring).

The electronic throttle control system (ETCS-i) is intelligent.

It determines the ideal throttle angle according to information on accelerator position, load and engine condition.

The electronic throttle is networked to the engine computer to provide idle speed control, shift-shock reduction control, cruise control (with the optional automatic transmission), traction control and the snow mode.

The induction system is modular, with the air cleaner, throttle body, intake manifold, ACIS and air connector integrated for weight reduction.

The intake manifold and air connector are made of plastic, to improve heat insulation and reduce weight, and hence improve performance.

The electronic control unit for the 1G-FE engine has multiplex on-board diagnostics, which can give the service technician a full history.

Design features to minimise NVH include a highly rigid cylinder block and crankshaft, and lightweight pistons.

The exhaust system features a low back-pressure system, for improved performance and a richer exhaust sound quality.

The Lexus 2.0 litre engine is matched to a six-speed manual transmission or optional intelligent-efficient four-speed automatic transmission.

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Lexus IS200 is the first car in its class with a six-speed transmission.

The new Lexus 2.0 litre sports sedan has a six-speed manual transmission, to increase driving enjoyment and provide a gear for every corner.

The six-speed manual transmission is standard equipment on IS200.

An intelligent-efficient four-speed automatic transmission with gate-type shift is optionally available.

The new Lexus J160 manual transmission has close ratios from second to sixth.

It has triple-cone synchromesh on the first-second change, to improve shift quality and gearbox durability.

A specially designed flywheel damper reduces drivetrain booming noise.

Particular attention has been paid to shift quality, with a crisp, short-throw lever and positive shift feel.

The shift lever has a metallic gear knob.

Ratios are: first, 3.874; second, 2.175; third, 1.484; fourth, 1.223; fifth, 1.000; sixth, 0.869 and reverse, 3.672.

Final drive ratio is 3.909:1.

Luxury Option manual models have a torque-sensing limited slip differential, for improved traction and driving stability.

Lexus IS200’s optional A45DE automatic transmission draws on the proven GS300 and LS400 A650E automatic transmission.

The IS200 automatic transmission uses a new electronic control unit to maximise efficiency, provide smooth gear changes and optimise fuel economy.

The ECT-iE will choose the shift mode suitable for the manner of driving and will introduce torque converter lock-up earlier if the vehicle is cruising.

In addition, the new transmission has a flex lock-up clutch control system to increase the operating range of the lock-up clutch, to improve fuel economy.

Special measures have been taken to ensure smooth shifting, including the use of an electronic link to the solenoid valves in place of traditional cables, cams and throttle valves.

The IS200 automatic has an engine torque control function and optimal pressure control in the transmission, to ensure smoothness for the crucial first to second and second to third gear changes.

Lexus IS200 can be driven in conventional automatic mode, with the shift lever in ~Drive~, or in manual style, using the gate-type shift.

When using the gated shift, the transmission’s electronic control unit retards the ignition during down changes, to ensure smooth shifting.

IS200’s automatic transmission has ratios of: first, 2.826; second, 1.493; third, 1.000; fourth, 0.730 and reverse, 2.703.

The final drive ratio is 4.100:1.

Features of the new A45DE transmission include a super-flow torque converter, which was computer modelled to determine the optimum blade shape and curvature, for maximum efficiency.

The Luxury Option automatic model has a leather shift knob.

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Lexus IS200’s body has exceptional torsional and bending rigidity.

It is the stiffest sedan body Lexus or its parent company have ever built.

IS200’s high levels of torsional and bending stiffness improve crash worthiness, reduce NVH and facilitate optimum suspension tuning for both handling and ride.

The highly rigid body acts as a stable suspension platform, allowing the suspension to best control the movement of the wheels over bumps and during cornering.

Lexus design engineers used Computer Aided Engineering to achieve maximum body stiffness while maintaining strict weight targets for performance.

The body shell has progressive crumple zones front and rear, and a high-strength central safety cell with extensive lateral reinforcement to maximise side impact protection.

IS200’s body makes extensive use of high-tensile steel sheet, box-section body members and body reinforcement.

High-strength steel is used for the bonnet, boot lid, door skins, longitudinal chassis members, rocker panels, front and rear cabin cross members, A and B- pillar supports and pillars, foot boards, and virtually the entire surround of both doors.

In addition, IS200 has:

• a dash panel cross member to join the right and left side members

• a large, integrated front spring support plate, to join the upper member and front side members with the spring support

• optimal location of the partition panel frame, and corner reinforcement for that frame

• and a large reinforcement joining the back window frame with the rear quarter panels, to improve the joint rigidity between the roof and the pillars.

Frontal impact absorbing measures include large cross-sections and increased material thickness for the underbody members, pillars and reinforcements.

The vehicle’s side impact absorbing structure includes pipe-type side impact beams in the doors, and a comprehensive package of body side reinforcement.

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Lexus IS200’s wind-cheating exterior includes an underbody aerodynamic kit as standard equipment.

The IS200 has a coefficient of drag of 0.28, and a low coefficient of lift front and rear.

Its front and rear lift coefficients are +0.06 and +0.07 respectively.

The underbody aerodynamic kit reduces drag and increases downforce, by channelling air smoothly under the car, particularly around the wheels, driveline and exhausts.

It includes an engine undercover, front floor cover, front floor centre cover, rear floor and rear floor side covers and boot side cover.

There are spats for the front and rear wheels, to smooth airflow around the tyres.

Upper-body aerodynamic features include minimising height variances between window glass, pillars and body surfaces.

The radiator grille has a special seal to minimise air turbulence - another example of Lexus attention to detail.

In addition to IS200’s standard aerodynamic features, Lexus dealers will offer two levels of aerodynamic sports accessory packs which feature the availability of front and rear spoilers, and side and rear skirts.

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The new Lexus IS200 has an optimum fuel tank location for a low centre of gravity and low polar moment of inertia.

The IS200 has a specially developed 70-litre fuel tank, located under the rear seat and straddling the propeller shaft.

The shape of the tank creates a low chamber on each side, linked by a transfer tube.

A jet pump has been incorporated into the fuel system, using a venturi effect to create a lower pressure area which transfers fuel from chamber B to chamber A through the fuel transfer tube.

The IS200 fuel tank also contributes to reduced evaporative emissions.

It houses the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter, thereby eliminating the need for a return fuel line.

The non-return system means warm fuel from the engine bay does not return to the tank.

The internal temperature of the fuel tank therefore stays cooler, reducing evaporative emissions

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The new Lexus IS200 has been extensively tested in Australia and Europe.

The Lexus European test program included the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife, as well as German autobahns, mountain roads in the south of France and in Wales.

The IS200 prototype lapped the 22 kilometre circuit within one second of the production car lap record for its class.

Two extensive evaluation drives were conducted in Australia, working with Australian engineers based in Port Melbourne.

Development areas ranged from overall suspension hardware and calibration, to the local choice of ABS calibration.

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The new Lexus IS200 sports sedan has Lexus quality and features throughout.

It has the quintessential Lexus qualities of low NVH coupled with outstanding build quality.

It also comes with traditional Lexus customer-assistance benefits.

Safety features range from front side airbags and dual airbag SRS with force- limiting front seatbelt pretensioners, to ABS with gravel-road strategy, a safety triangle and a comprehensive first aid kit with items for communicable disease protection.

Special Lexus comfort and convenience features include six computers to control major systems of the car - from engine and security to the owner-programmable body computer.

Security equipment ranges from special laser-milled keys to a radar interior movement sensor and self-powered siren hidden in the boot.

Lexus IS200’s premium audio has eight speakers and is the first Lexus sound system in Australia with an in-dash CD multi-change.

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Lexus designed the new IS200 to meet the world’s toughest safety crash-test standards.

Design targets included meeting the 64km/h offset deformable barrier test, the 56km/h full-lap front test, FMVSS 216 roof-strength test and European dynamic side impact test.

All current Lexus vehicles were subjected to the corporation’s Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) process during the design phase.

The GOA process involves reviewing future crash test standards around the world.

The vehicle is then designed to meet or exceed the demands of the highest safety standards, well in advance of their introduction.

The vehicle must also meet a number of tough in-house crash standards.

IS200 has the benchmark Lexus passive safety package of a strong central safety cell, collision-impact absorbing structures front and rear, a side collision impact-absorbing structure, electronically-controlled dual airbag SRS, force- limiting front seatbelt pretensioners, front seat-mounted side airbags, four-way collapsible energy absorbing steering column, state-of-the-art head impact protection (HIP) measures, including soft upper interior sections on the roof rails and inner A and B-pillars, three rear-seat lap-sash ELR type seatbelts and three rear-seat head restraints.

The rear outboard seatbelts are the automatic locking retractor type (ALR’s) for increased security of child seats/baby capsules.

IS200 also has newly developed whiplash injury lessening (WIL) front seats, with specially designed seat backs and head restraints.

The comprehensive Lexus first aid kit includes a communicable diseases pack.

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The new IS200 has the most sophisticated anti-theft system offered in a Lexus.

IS200’s all-new system meets the strict conditions of leading European insurer, Thatcham Insurance.

It is designed to protect the vehicle’s contents as well as the vehicle.

The IS200 vehicle protection package is the first Lexus system with a radar intrusion sensor, capable of detecting movement within the cabin.

It is also the first Lexus system with a self-powered siren, operated by an integrated rechargeable nickel cadmium battery.

The siren is located in the boot, to reduce the chance of tampering by potential car thieves.

These features are in addition to the proven Lexus security package in LS400, which detects forced entry to the doors, bonnet and boot lid.

Such forced entry will cause the siren to sound, and both the headlamps and turn indicators to flash.

Lexus IS200 has specially strengthened door locks and a transponder-type engine immobiliser.

The immobiliser ECU will only deliver fuel and ignition if the correct ignition key is in the ignition switch.

Owner access to IS200 is by keyless remote entry.

There is also a keyless remote boot release.

Lexus IS200 security features also include:

• an anti-theft audio system

• laser-milled security key

• key lock-in prevention system

• Valet disable switch for the boot release

• lockable glovebox with sub-key for Valet parking

• and remote fuel filler cover.

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The new IS200 is the first Lexus in Australia with an integrated six-disc in- dash CD player.

The IS200 has a premium-grade Fujitsu Ten audio system with maximum power of 220 Watts (PMPO).

It has eight speakers with ~Super Live Sound~ imaging.

The speaker complement includes 2cm diameter titanium-domed tweeters, 16cm (Hi) full-range speakers in the front doors, and 15cm x 22.5cm (Hi) two-way squawkers plus slim-line super woofers on the rear parcel shelf.

The tape deck has full logic controls and metal tape facility.

The radio has 12 FM station presets and six AM presets.

CD controls include random and repeat functions.

The IS200 has a roof-mounted pole antenna for the radio.

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The new Lexus IS200 was designed for added recyclability and environmental friendliness.

It meets the tough new European environmental recycling standard ISO 14001, which comes into force in March 1999.

The IS200 engine was designed to meet Euro Step III emission regulations, but has been modified to run on low quality Australian fuel.

The IS200’s variable valve timing means the engine has zero valve overlap on idle and over-run, thereby reducing emissions.

The IS200 engine has tapered-squish combustion chambers, fully sequential fuel injection and direct ignition with six separate igniters, for more complete combustion and hence cleaner emissions.

The vehicle has three three-way catalytic converters and three oxygen sensors.

Lexus IS200 uses highly recyclable Super Olefin Polymer for the bumpers and body side protection moulding.

The airbag covers are also made from highly recyclable material.

Major plastic parts are labelled for greater ease of recycling.

IS200’s aluminium radiator and heater increase recyclability.

Lexus IS200 uses asbestos-free friction materials throughout and special effort has been made to minimise the amount of lead in the vehicle.

Lexus has eliminated lead from IS200’s radiator and heater core, battery wire, underbody coating, side protection moulding, wiring harness, high pressure hoses and glass ceramic print.

The IS200 has as standard equipment CFC-free R134a air conditioning, as well as UV/IR filter glass to reduce sunlight load.

Non-Return Fuel System:

Lexus IS200 has a non-return fuel system, to minimise evaporative emissions.

The vehicle has a fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter in the fuel tank.

The non-return system means warm fuel from the engine bay does not return to the tank.

The internal temperature of the tank therefore stays cooler, reducing evaporative emissions.

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The new IS200 has the Lexus hallmark feature of low NVH.

Wind noise has been minimised thanks to a low Cd of 0.28, with special attention to air flow around the C-pillar and under the car.

The vehicle has an under-body aerodynamic kit to channel air smoothly under the car.

Induction noise has been minimised by adopting a modular intake system and engine noise has been reduced by locating the air cleaner case directly above the engine.

Lexus IS200’s six-speed manual transmission has special features to eliminate NVH at the source.

It has a highly rigid casing and a specially designed flywheel damper to reduce drivetrain booming noise.

Sound insulation material has been fitted to the cabin floor, ceiling, doors, behind the rear seat and to the rear window base panel.

The floor sound insulation material is a sandwich of vinyl chloride sheet, felt and recycled sound-proof products.

The rear window base panel insulation material consists of highly recyclable Olefin sheet and felt.

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The new Lexus IS200 is designed and manufactured for maximum longevity.

Lexus has a comprehensive anti-corrosion strategy, beginning with the use of special anti-corrosion steels for virtually the entire body.

Galvannealed steel sheet is used for areas which require maximum corrosion resistance, including the floor and underbody sections, the engine bay, and the inner skins of the doors, rear guards, bonnet and rear door.

Zinc-iron alloy two-layer electroplated steel sheet is used for areas requiring optimum corrosion protection and maximum paint adhesion, including the body sides, bonnet skin, doors skins and rear door skin.

IS200’s body is also protected by under-body PVC coating, including extra thick application on the bottom side of the cowl panel, fender apron and other parts which are subject to potential stone damage.

Special seals and edge seals have also been applied under the body.

In addition, IS200 has special PVC chipping primer on the rocker panels, anti- chipping paint on the wheel arches and the lower section of the doors, and soft- chip primer on the leading 20 percent of the bonnet.

Lexus IS200’s corrosion-protection measures also include special protective waxes and pre-cure sealers in the hemmed portions of the bonnet, door panels, rocker panels and boot lid, and wax coatings on the hinge sub-assemblies.





Designation: 1G-FE

Description: Water-cooled, in-line, six-cylinder with alloy cylinder head, twin overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, variable inlet camshaft timing, Accoustic-Controlled variable-length Induction System (ACIS), knock control system and electronic engine management with Multiplex engine diagnosis

Location: Front, longitudinally mounted

Displacement: 1988 cm3

Bore x stroke: 75.0mm x 75.0mm

Compression ratio: 10.0:1

Valve mechanism: Two overhead camshafts and direct valve actuation. Camshaft drive includes Lexus electronically controlled variable inlet camshaft timing (VVTi), with 47 degree infinitely variable range

Fuel system: Fully sequential electronic fuel injection, with 4-hole injectors and non-return type delivery from fuel tank

Throttle system: Intelligent electronic throttle with fail-safe and limp-home mode

Intake system: Acoustic Controlled Induction System (ACIS) which acts as variable-length inlet runners

Octane No (RON): 91

Ignition system: Lexus Direct Ignition with electronic advance, 100,000km life Iridium-tipped bi-polar spark plugs and dual-sensor knock control system

Maximum power: 114kW (ECE) at 6200rpm
Maximum torque: 195Nm (ECE) at 4600rpm

Designation: J160
Description: Six-speed constant-mesh manual with triple-cone synchromesh on the first-second shift
1st, 3.874
2nd, 2.175
3rd, 1.484
4th, 1.223
5th, 1.000
6th, 0.869
Rev, 3.672
Final drive ratio: 3.909:1
Luxury Option includes Torsen* limited slip differential on manual transmission model only
(*- registered trademark of Zexel)

Designation: A45DE
Description: Four-speed (including overdrive), intelligent-efficient, adaptive, electronically controlled automatic (ECT-iE), with flex lock-up clutch, superflow torque converter, and engine torque control during gear changes, ~N~ to ~D~ anti-squat and self-diagnosis, fail-safe and limp-home modes. Gate-type shift pattern

1st, 2.826
2nd, 1.493
3rd, 1.000
4th, 0.730
Rev, 2.703
Final drive ratio: 4.100:1

Type: Power-assisted rack and pinion
Power assistance: Engine-speed sensitive with vane pump
Overall steering ratio: 15.7
Turns lock to lock: 3.25
Minimum turning radius: 5.1m (tyre)

Front type: Independent double wishbone with coil springs and stabiliser bar
Rear type: Independent multi-link double wishbone with toe control arm, lower- mounted coil springs and stabiliser bar
Luxury Option includes High-performance sports suspension on manual transmission model only
Wheels: 16 inch x 6.5JJ six-spoke alloy
Luxury Option: 17 inch x7JJ five-spoke alloy
Tyres: 205/55 R16 89V Bridgestone RE030
Luxury Option: 215/45Z R17 Bridgestone RE040

Type: Vacuum-boosted dual circuit hydraulic with four-wheel discs
Front type: 296mm x 32mm ventilated disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear type: 307mm x 12mm solid disc with single piston caliper
ABS anti-skid brake type: four-sensor, three-channel with gravel-road strategy

Overall length: 4400mm
Overall width: 1720mm
Overall height: 1420mm
Wheelbase: 2670mm
Front track: 1495mm
Rear track: 1485mm
Interior length: 1890mm
Interior width: 1440mm
Interior height: 1165mm
Kerb weight: 1348kg (manual); 1358kg (automatic)
GVM: 1845kg (manual) / 1850kg (automatic)

Seating: five persons
Luggage: 400 litres (VDA method)
Fuel tank: 70 litres
Towing capacity: 1200kg with trailer brakes; 450kg without trailer brakes

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Performance and Economy
• 24 valve Twin Cam EFI two-litre six-cylinder engine

• Computer optimised infinitely Variable Valve Timing (VVTi)

• Acoustic Controlled Induction System (ACIS)

• Electronic Throttle Control System - intelligent (ETCS-i)

• Six-speed manual transmission with flywheel damper

• Option of Electronically Controlled Intelligent Efficient (ECT-iE) four-speed
automatic transmission with gate-type gear shift pattern

• Aerodynamically-efficient body with a drag coefficient of 0.28

• Under floor aerodynamic kit

• Multiplex Electronic Communication System

• Free-flow exhaust system

Luxury Option
• Limited slip differential (M/T only)

• High-performance sports suspension (M/T only)

Safety - Active
• High rigidity computer developed body structure

• Fully independent double wishbone front suspension

• Fully independent multi-link double wishbone rear suspension

• Anti-skid braking system (ABS) with Australian-developed gravel road strategy

• Third Generation Traction Control system (TRC)

• Snow-mode throttle system

• Power-assisted rack and pinion steering

• ~V~ speed rated 16 inch high-performance tyres

• Height-adjustable wave-reflector headlamps

• Front and rear fog lamps

• Centre high-mount stop lamp

• Reverse-gear audible warning (M/T Only)

• Ultra violet and Infrared-resistant tinted side and rear windows

• Laminated front windscreen with shade band above interior rear view mirror

• Heated rear window and exterior rear view mirrors

• Variable intermittent wipers with mist function

• Front side-window demister vents

• Convex-designed wide view left hand exterior mirror

• Front-door mounted courtesy lights

• Automatic transmission shift lock with override

• Three child restraint anchorage points

• Emergency warning triangle

Luxury Option
• ~Z~ speed rated 17 inch ultra high-performance tyres

• Dark privacy glass on rear and rear side windows

Safety - Passive
• Driver’s and front seat passenger’s frontal & Side airbag Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)

• ~Whiplash Injury Lessening~ - (WIL) seat design for front seats

• Rear-centre lap/sash seatbelt (ELR)

• Three-point Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) outboard rear seatbelts for secure mounting of child seats

• Electronic front seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters

• Height-adjustable front seat belt upper anchorage points

• Front and rear progressive action crumple zones

• Reinforced protective passenger safety cell

• Boot-mounted First Aid kit

• Anti-jam/ anti-burst door locks

• Side door anti-intrusion beams

• Soft interior (head impact protection) fitted to the A and B pillars and roof rails

• Three adjustable rear-seat head restraints

• Anti-theft audio system

• Laser-milled security key

• Key lock-in prevention system

• Valet disable switch for power boot-release function

• Keyless remote entry with remote boot-release

• Engine immobiliser anti-theft system

• Security alarm with battery back-up siren and radar intrusion sensor


• Eight-way adjustable driver’s seat

• Four-way adjustable passenger’s seat

• Four-way adjustable front seat head restraints

• Two-way adjustable rear seat head restraints

• Front seatback map pockets

• Rear centre armrest

• Load-through boot access hatch

Luxury Option
• Power adjustment on driver’s seat

• Power windows with auto up/down and anti-jam function on driver’s door

• 45-second key-off delay operation for all windows

• Optional one-touch open power moonroof with slide and tilt functions and wind deflector

• Remote electrically-adjustable foldable exterior mirrors with heater and rain clearing coating


• Electronically-tuned AM/FM radio cassette with full function LCD display

• 6 AM and 12 FM radio station memory presets

• Full logic controlled cassette deck

• Built-in compact disc player with six-stack multi-changer

• Eight speakers with ~Super Live Sound~ technology including front full range, front titanium dome tweeters, rear ~Super woofers~ and rear mid-high squawkers

• Roof-mounted pole antenna

Materials and Finishing
• Two-tone dashboard and interior treatment

• Chenille cloth trim

• Cut-pile carpet

• Leather-bound steering wheel

• Metallic gear knob

• Comprehensive high-quality chromed tool kit

• 16 inch aluminium alloy wheels

• Lockable flock-lined glovebox with lamp

• Chromed front grille surround

• Chromed luggage tie-down hooks

• Chromed interior door handles, vent controls and handbrake lever knob
Luxury Option

• Leather and Alcantara seat upholstery with matching door inserts

• Leather gear knob (M/T only)

• Drilled alloy sports pedals and scuff plates on door sills

• 17 inch machine-finished aluminium alloy wheels

• Leather bound 2 - Tone metallic look steering wheel

Comfort and Convenience

• Auto headlamps/ parking lamps turn on/off

• Electronic cruise control with resume and coast functions (A/T only)

• Front centre-mounted cupholders

• Rear seat centre-mounted cupholders

• Sunvisor-mounted illuminated driver and passenger vanity mirrors with covers

• Full function programmable body computer

• Front-mounted illuminated cigar lighter and ashtray

• Illuminated ignition key surround

• Rear centre-console mounted ashtray

• Centre console-mounted digital clock

• Front centre console bin

• Front and rear door pockets

• Interior dome lamp with delay function

• Driver’s and front seat passenger’s map reading lamps

• Dash-mounted coin holder

• Fully equipped valet pack

Sports luxury option pack
• Heated front seats

Heating and Ventilation
• Automatic climate-controlled air-conditioning with easy service pollen filter

• Rear seat passenger ventilation ducts

• External ambient temperature gauge

• Chronograph-style instrument panel featuring speedometer, tachometer, fuel

level, voltmeter, instantaneous fuel economy and engine coolant temperature gauges

• Electronic odometer and twin-trip meter

• In-dash automatic transmission lever position indicator

• Parking brake warning lamp

• Traction Control activation warning lamp

• Security warning lamp

• Snow-mode warning lamp

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