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Toyota's incredible Australian Motorsport heritage will be on display at the Muscle Car Masters in September.

Toyota Australia is bringing together at least 15 classic Toyota race cars of noted history and achievements under the Toyota Motorsport Heritage Marquee at Eastern Creek Raceway on Father's Day, Sunday September 4.

The vehicles range from a KE10 Corolla campaigned at Bathurst in 1967 through to the 1991 Supra Turbo Group A racer and 2007 Corolla that raced in the Nürburgring 24 hours.

Organiser and driving force behind the display, Toyota's National After Sales business manager Chris O'Connor, said that Toyota is rightly proud of its motorsport history, and felt that it was time to bring all these classic Toyotas together.

"These events are always well supported by the private owners of these vehicles, but they are usually scattered across the pit paddock area," said Mr O'Connor.

"The event organisers suggested that it would be a good idea to bring them all together in one spot, to remind the public of Toyota's long, fruitful participation in the sport."

There are some very significant vehicles in the group, including the ex-Peter Williamson Celicas; one of which was the first vehicle to be equipped with an in-car 'Race Cam', now a standard feature of motorsport broadcasts.

This vehicle later took on the Graeme Bailey Chickadee sponsorship, and is displayed in that livery today.

The National Motor Sport Museum at Bathurst has also made a contribution by lending Toyota their 1985 Toyota Team Australia Corolla as last raced in 1987.

There will also be driver signing sessions, including legends Peter Williamson, John Smith and Bob Holden.

The vehicles on display will include the Hindaugh/Morris 1967 Corolla, 1978 Peter Williamson RA23 Celica, 1981 Peter Williamson RA40 Celica, 1982 RA40 Chickadee Celica, 1984 Faulkner/Cutchie AE86 Sprinter, 1985 Faulkner/Quinn AE86 GT Coupe, 1986 John Smith AE86 GT Coupe, 1987 Price AE82 FXGT Hatch, 1988 Freeman/Oliver AE82 FXGT Hatch, 1987 Bob Holden AE86 Sprinter, 1989 Bates/Dowson AE82 FXGT Hatch, 1989 Bob Holden AE82 FXGT Hatch, 1991 John Smith MA70 Supra Turbo, 1993 ex Bob Holden Terry O'Beirne AE82 FXGT Hatch and the 2007 Bates/Taylor Corolla NP.

"When I got in contact with the owners of the vehicles they were very happy to support the event. Some whose vehicles were incomplete have worked hard to ensure the cars will be ready," said Mr O'Connor.

"Toyota sees this event as a great opportunity to promote our motorsport heritage and re-ignite some of that Toyota passion in the fans at the event.

"It will be a spectacular sight, that's for certain."


Peter Williamson's RA23 Celica at Murray's Corner at Bathurst in 1978.
The John Smith owned and driven MA70 Supra Turbo, as campaigned in Group A in 1991.
Peter Williamson's 1981 RA40 Celica has undergone a recent restoration, and will be completing display laps at the event